Monday, October 13, 2008

Country Getaway ... last day (sigh)

Well, today is the last day of my Country Getaway.  The time has passed all too quickly.  It has been so nice out here though and I hate to see it end.  The peace and quiet sure does give one time to think and reflect on recent happenings, let them go and move forward.  

I have to go get myself busy now.  I don't leave until this evening and I have a lot more sewing I want to get done before I have to load up the car and head back to "civilization".

Hope all of you had a chance to get some piecing and/or quilting done. 


pdudgeon said...

so glad you had a chance to rest and relax a bit, tucked away from everything else.

Darlene said...

Tell me more about your country getaway week end. I'm needing a 'getaway' but can't decide what to do. I'd really love to hear more about yours.