Thursday, October 23, 2008

About my Country Getaway ...

Darlene asked me about my weekend getaway so here goes ...

I was staying at a house in the country, just me and the dogs. It was so very peaceful out there. No traffic noise, no neighbors ... well there are neighbors across the creek, but they were far enough away that it was like not having neighbors. The house is decorated with quilts all around. They were beautiful and inspiring.

I took a hand sewing project and also a couple of machine piecing projects, along with my machine. I usually over estimate and take way too many projects to do, but at least I have a variety on hand to choose from, right?

I love waking up early in the country. The air seems so very still. And crisp. On one morning I could hear some resident turkeys making their way down along the creek. And the deer ... I could always count on seeing them very close every morning and evening. They seem very comfortable with me outside with the dogs. I kept the dogs close by me and didn't draw attention to the deer. It was so very cool, because the deer would check us out, but wouldn't take off. It was also amazing how close they were too when we were outside - had to be maybe 100 yards or so.

I stuck to hand applique. I was finishing up some my Sock blocks. I was in a block swap with some other ladies and had those blocks completed and turned in, but had to finish mine and Marlene's. Ruthie already has her Lost Sock top put together.

So my days were spent in the calming country air outside with the dogs and also inside working on my applique. The weather was gorgeous during the day with wonderfully cool country nights.


Darlene said...

Oh, Deb what a delightful week end - thank you so much for sharing. I'm needing something exactly like that - Sigh!!!!!

Ruthie said...

It sounds like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


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