Monday, March 23, 2009

A "Triple D" Outing ...

Gosh, has it really been 4 weeks since the outing??!??!? Well, anyway, 4 weeks ago we had a Triple D outing to see our friend Sylvia. Deanna and I met up at Debbie's and headed north for a fun filled day.

We started out the day with a bit of sun, but then the clouds moved in. Scattered showers were the prediction for the days weather, but that was not going to dampen our spirits at all.

Our first stop of the day ... In Between Stitches. Of course we had to stop there and check out their "new digs".

The shop was calling to us ...

The store is so fresh and new and they have it fixed up so nice with displays and quilts hanging. I always love how they have their displays.

After a nice visit with Leslie and Melissa, we headed to Starbucks (sorry, no photo - still trying to get the hang of this whole blogging thing) and then hit the Freeway.

Just a short drive north and we arrived.

We were all so happy to see Sylvia. We spent a bit of time visiting, seeing her quilt studio and then the four of us headed out for some more fun.

Lunch was first on our agenda and then we went to two nearby quilt shops. The first shop was Red Hen Quilt Shop (my photos were too blurred to post).

And then we made it into Beehive Quilts just a few minutes before closing.
Both shops were very nice! Didn't really buy anything though. Just a piece of Dandelion Girl for backing and a magazine.
We went back to Sylvia's for some more gab-gab-gabbing and then finally had to head on back to Debbie's. It was so good to see Sylvia and spend such a wonderful day together. We hope to do it again soon.


Rebecca said...

Ah, what could be better? Like-minded quilty friends together!

p.s. I see your traffic monitor has me in Rancho Santa Fe. I wish! LOL

PamKittyMorning said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time....good for you. :)

carol said...

Where's the pic of all of you together?? I'm glad you had a nice day. I know Sylvia was thrilled that you all went to see her.

Erin said...

wow what a wonderful time you gals had and what great shops!

antique quilter said...

What a nice looking store, so inviting and bright!
I love seeing inside quilt shops!
thanks for posting the pictures