Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blocks for Marlene - arrived December 13

Okay ... time to start playing catch up and get caught up on the blocks that have been received for Marlene's quilt.

From Sylvia K. in Woodland, CA

From Pam M. in Atascadero, CA

From Joanne S. in Missouri


Laurie said...

great blocks...but how is marlene doing? any news?

PamKittyMorning said...

Glad you're getting so many blocks. Hope mine arrived in time to make the cut. Tell Mar I'm thinking of her everyday. Happy New Year Deb. xo

mike said...

To all that have shown concern for Marlene, Thank you. I am her brother , I live in AZ. I was able to see her last week and I have to say she looked better each day in which I visited. Her condition is still very critical, although she is able to communicate slightly,move her hands, arms, neck, & shoulders, she still has much work ahead of her. The goal is to get her strong enough and well enough to sustain a lung transplant. But before that can be done they have to find out what caused her condition in the first place. The road ahead is a very long one, one which there seems to be no end in site. Your continued prayers are greatly sought after and appreciated. It will take a true miracle to achieve the outcome that we all are hopeing for. Again thank you for all you are doing .

Deb Silva said...

Mike, it was so nice to meet you the other day. I had a good time talking with you and hearing childhood stories of you and Marlene. Maybe it was a good thing that she was sleeping off and on so much.
There are still some blocks for her quilt in transit and I have been working on the units to be used to piece it all together.
Marlene is never too far from my thoughts and she is in my prayers daily.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.