Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting the weekend

Wow, so much to post ... where to start ...

Hi's and hugs all around upon arrival and then into the "hive" to start the fun.

We were welcomed in ...

and then ...

What a treat to be able to have this view of fabric all day while working on projects.

Marlene brought the cutest little gift bags for everyone. How sweet was that!

We started with some Show and Tell. And then we got right into setting up our sewing stations. We had a Friday afternoon jumpstart to the weekend and a full day and a half to follow.

I'll have to continue this later. Blogger is being a bit resistant to uploading pictures at the moment.


Mar said...

Why did we have to leave so soon? LOL, miss you!

pdudgeon said...

OMG what a beautiful stash!
that's nothing short of amazing.
so glad that you all had a wonderful time quilting together.