Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Quilt For Beatrice

So, my brother called a while back to see if I had a quilt that would be suitable for a baby. No - nothing for babies. We have some friends in England that were new grandparents. So, I told him I would see what I could come up with.

I had some fat quarters that I had won as a door prize at a guild meeting that I thought would work. Hmmmmm

So I added a couple of other pieces and came up with this grouping of fabrics.

This is the quilt prior to quilting. The picture was taken on a dark, rainy day. With the lights and the camera flash the colors got a bit washed out. Oh well. I found a green on white Beatrix Potter toile that I thought would be spot on for a British babe. My friend Holly quilted it using a Baptist Fan pattern and it turned out perfect. I didn't take any pictures after it was completed and now I so wish I had. I needed to get it sent off quickly so that it could get to Beatrice Elizabeth in Colchester, England. Beatrice, Mum and Grandmum all love it.

An excerpt from an email from her mum reads:
"It is stunning and I know it will be something that she will enjoy and treasure. The skill of crafting a quilt is a rare and amazing phenomenon in the U.K. Your stiches leave me in awe and the Beatrix Potter material is very apt. Beatrice is certainly a very lucky girl. Again thank you for the precious gift that I know she will love for all her years."


PamKittyMorning said...

Cute, I love that cracker block and the tiny little checkerboard!

Mar said...

Adorable Deb!