Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mending and Sewing ...

Well, I have finished all of my meds and am very much on the mend. Recovery is very apparent. Things have not completely returned to normal, but everything is a far cry from what it was.

There is some quilting news to report. Last weekend Pam had a small gathering at her place and I was able to spend Saturday and Sunday sewing with Holly, Bonnie, Alison and Pam. It was good to see everyone again and spend time sewing and laughing. Dwight took good care of us once again and kept us well fed. He is an awesome cook and you know we had to keep our strength up.

On Friday, I did take a trip to Helen's for a Sew Day at her house and had a wonderful day. Everyone there was doing hand work, myself included. Several of the ladies there are working on Baltimore Album quilt blocks and, I must say, it is going to be a gorgeous quilt. These ladies do exquisite applique. One of the ladies, Sandra, showed us a block she was working using wool. It was so beautiful, the wool just seemed to glow. And Kris was working on the cutiest little apron blocks using 30's fabrics. Did I say it was a wonderful day - well it was. Good friends, good food and a perfect day with needle in hand.

On a blogging note ... my Blogiversary was postponed because of things that were going on. Be sure to check back, something is in the works.