Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching up on last weekend ...

Let me see ... where to start ...

Well, for me the morning started early. Load the car, drop the pup off at her Grandmother's and then hit the road to Holly's. Marlene was loading up and heading from the other direction.

Holly was in her studio busy organizing her stash. She had completed the quilting on our quilts and had them hanging for us to see as we walked in. Mine is on the right.

We didn't realize it until later, but it dawned on us later that we were inadvertant participants in Judy's Quiltathon weekend.

Mar was busy working on a project with greens that she needed to get finished.

I was busy working on some red blocks that I had to get finished.

And Holly was busy on a couple of projects. She worked on the border for a quilt and then chose a binding for a quilt top that she had finished quilting. I have looked through all my pics. I thought for sure I had a pic the quilt she was doing the binding for, but I guess I didn't get one.

We had so much fun! We ate, we laughed, we sewed.

I brought a vegetable pasta salad, Mar brought tequila-lime chicken (yum) and Holly fixed garlic bread and some yummy brownies. Weekends quilting with friends are the best!

After packing up and saying goodbye to Holly and Mar, I parted company with my Lost Socks.

These are part of a Lost Sock block swap I am in. I can't wait for the other Lost Socks to come home.
Note: Edited to add pictures

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So ... the weekend approaches ...

... and I am so looking forward to it.
I haven't had very much to blog about the past couple of weeks. It has mainly been work, work, work. Oh, and I have been busy finishing up some Obligation blocks.
But the weekend is almost here. Another sewing weekend has been planned with friends and that can only mean one thing ... FUN FUN FUN. I have started to gather my things, don't want to forget anything. LOL
Anyway, it's early and I didn't feel like breaking out my camera, so there aren't any block pics just yet. Have to grab a cup of coffee and get ready for today. But check back, I'll get something posted a bit later.
Thanks for stopping by.