Friday, June 25, 2010

Sew Days with Friends are always so much fun ...

Just to sit, sew and laugh ... always fun if you ask me.
These pictures are from a sew day we had at Debbie's earlier this year.
Debbie is doing the Civil War Tribute block of the month from In Between Stitches.

And she was also very busy making a million tiny Desden Plate blades for a quilt for one of the girls. Okay so maybe not a million ... I think it was something like 754 - it was over 700 anyway.

And I was busy working on these little gems.

And then I made the larger block in the background for a Block Lottery at In Between Stitches.
They have a different one each month. It was, fun even though I didn't win.

And also worked on making a bunch of these little guys too.

Have more photos to go through, but will leave that for another day.

Hope you are all able to spend fun filled days sewing with friends.

Thanks for stopping by.

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