Friday, December 25, 2009

Time Slips Away ...

as it so easily does ...

Someone very close to me was getting after me about not updating my blog. And it is true, I have let time slip by ... always intending to update my blog but never quite getting around to it. Marlene would have definately been after me about not updating things here as well. She was good about keeping me on track.

A lot of fun things have happened since my last post and most recently something very sad.

This is Rio.
A very loved and some would say spoiled girl. But that's the best kind, right. This photo was taken just this past summer.
Rio passed away on Wednesday, December 23. She would have been 16 in May of next year. She was such a sweet and loving girl. She loved to travel with me and didn't care where we were going, she just wanted to be going too.
I miss you baby girl.

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