Friday, May 1, 2009

A little bit country - a little bit quilt show ...

Once again I have gotten behind on my blog entries. The last 2 weekends have been fun filled quilting weekends.

Back on April 18, a group of us got together once again for a fantastic fun filled Sew Day. Debbie was our hostess and we were a “quiet” group of 4 (
Pam, Deanna, Debbie and me). Debbie served up a wonderful lunch and had lots of goodies for us to snack on throughout the day. Alex was able to drop in for lunch - it’s always good to see her. And I was glad she could take a quick break from her Asilomar prep to stop by. We have another Sew Day on the calendar and I am looking forward to spending the time with good friends once again.

Last weekend was also quilt related sewing fun. Saturday morning started with a quick trip to a quilt show. I got to the show early and then met up with my mom and my neighbor, Rose. The show was very nice and there about 350 quilts on display. I did remember to take my camera, but very inconveniently forgot to bring fresh batteries. Wouldn’t it be nice to have batteries for sale at quilt shows. Maybe it would just help to remember them when leaving the house.

After the show I went home and loaded up the car and the dog for a weekend of country quilting. I spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday in the quiet and solitude of the country. I got to see the “deer family” off in the distance – too far off to get a picture with my camera and fresh batteries. And then on Sunday morning I could hear the turkeys off somewhere down the road.

There weren’t any possum emergencies in the “hood” since my last post. That’s a good thing I guess. I hope to get some more sewing done this weekend. Hope you are all able to do the same.

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Rebecca said...

I thought of you when I saw the SLO quilt show in my guild newsletter. Sounds like you're having good times.

BTW, the San Diego Quilt Show has (at least, has had) batteries in their booth!